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"Glenn did a great job at Tesco. Found a way to drive simplicity and organisation through some quite complex subjects. Was able to build stake holders engagement to align direction and build relationships. Would be an asset to any organisation."

Tony Hoggett, COO, Tesco

It has been a pleasure to work with Glenn. Glenn has brought broad experience from successful HR transformations and substantially contributed to setting up our journey for success as well. The team and I have appreciated his straight forward and to the point communication style and his ability to challenge our thinking. At the same time, he has also demonstrated a remarkable ability to integrate, add value and get things done.

Joakim Henriksson, Digital Product Manager, IKEA

"Glenn, stepped into a firestorm when he took a role in our change agenda.  We were at the height of our HR Transformation programme and the ability to see the woods from the trees was critical.  We needed a calm focused approach to the challenge we faced.   Glenn provided this.  He is a master at Change management and has a personal style that builds support around him.  With everyone pulling in the same direction the results were quickly seen.  Having Glenn onboard made a fantastic difference."

Andy Newall, Group HRD, Imperial Tobacco

"Glenn and I worked together during the establishment of a new shared services mode.  The shared services are delivered off-shore through a 3rd party (BPO).  Glenn was responsible for service introduction, management and governance.  He brings a strong commercial acumen to his work and his is passionate about people/leadership development.  In addition to be a strong team leader, Glenn operates as a senior organisation leader as part of the global leadership team - support his peers and bringing challenge across the Function.  I would gladly welcome the opportunity to work with Glenn."

Rustin Richburg, Director of Global HR Operations, Imperial Tobacco

"Glenn and I have worked together from a EMEA HR Service Delivery capacity for the past 11 months. During this time I have found Glenn to be very knowledgable about payroll practices across the region which has helped us as a leadership team to enhance the quality of our payroll delivery.

His knowledge, commercial awareness and experience has been exteremely beneficial to the payroll teams across the region. Glenn very early on volunteered to mentor one of my team in Dubai and I know that the mentee has found Glenn's input very helpful in growing his Global experience. Glenn has a way of not just doing the job, but goes the extra mile with forming lasting relationships quickly, inspiring teams and is an important member of the strategic leadership team for the region. I would certainly value working with Glenn again and I would recommend that his indepth knowledge is really leveraged and learned from by his colleagues."

Abdul Rahman Khan, Head of HR Service Delivery, HSBC Middle East

"Glenn has managed me for around a year now. He is personable, approachable, connected to his people and an excellent manager. Although senior in grade, he has always been extremely approachable and makes himself available when ever his busy schedule allows.

I would not want to be managed by anyone else right now as he has made me feel very valued and recognised my contribution. An excellent manager with a wealth of HR experience. A true credit to any organisation."

Chrissy Jones, Operations & Delivery Manager HR Service Delivery UK, HSBC

"I had the pleasure of working with Glenn for 8 months on a project spanning several countries and workstreams. 

Glenn is a consummate professional who came up the learning curve extremely quickly and started to make valuable recommendations from day 1. He has a wealth of knowledge on a number of HR topics and his experience has been extremely useful, especially on the payroll portion of the project. 

Glenn is extraordinarily good at making connections and he built a very valuable network of contacts across countries and departments, which proved very useful to the successful completion of several critical pieces of the project. 

His cheerful personality and friendly demeanour ensured that he fit in with the team very quickly, and he earned the respect of the international stakeholders he worked with just as rapidly. 

Glenn has been an asset to our team/project, and I would not hesitate to recommend him for any role he chooses to apply for next."

Sophie Dusoraux, VP, Bank of America

"Glenn has worked for me for 2 years at Eversheds. During that time he took an under-performing HR Centre and with his leadership and abilities created more of a Centre of Excellence. His inclusive style and his Lean background helped him build a good team and a good operation. In addition to this we successfully outsourced the HR administration element to Accenture in Bangalore. Furthermore, his commercial acumen has helped save the firm over £1 million in benefit costs. Since April 2010, Glenn took on another role as Head of International HR which he was untested in. He helped create from scratch an International infrastructure which now works much more like business as usual. 

Glenn has been successful in both roles. He is determined, thorough and loyal. He gets stuff done quickly and efficiently and has a great work ethic. He has great values and is an excellent team-player which is demonstrated both in and out of work" October 17, 2011

Angus MacGregor, HR Director, Eversheds LLP
managed Glenn at Eversheds

"Glenn was my main HR support for the Asia region. Eversheds only set its Hong Kong and Singapore offices up in 2009 and there was a massive amount of work to be done around establishing an HR infrastructure and strategy which was both robust enough for a major organisation but sufficiently flexible for a growing business. From almost a blank sheet of paper we were able to create a strategy and systems and ways of working to achieve these objectives. This was in no small part down to Glenn's skill, determination and hard work and the relationship we built up over the period we worked together. I could rely on his judgement and was happy to take his guidance as was the team that reported to him in Asia. I believe what we achieved will stand the firm's Asia operations in good stead for a number of years to come." December 12 2011

Nick Seddon, Managing Partner - Asia, Eversheds LLP
worked with Glenn at Eversheds

"I worked closely with Glenn on a number of significant business change initiatives and a pleasure working with him. He is very focused on achievement of objectives and at the same time places high emphasis on taking the team with him. I would consider Glenn an excellent role model for seamless Finance/HR collaboration." November 4, 2011

David Burndred, Head of Finance, Eversheds LLP
worked with Glenn at Eversheds

"Glenn has successfully directed the operation of the Eversheds' HR shared services centre, both when it was an in-house, on-shore facility and during and after the outsourcing and off-shoring of many of its activities. During the transformation process, Glenn's leadership ensured a smooth transition for those directly impacted by the project and for the end-client.

Glenn also stepped up to the challenge of developing the international HR function and for strengthening the relationship between the UK-based centre of excellence and its new international clients.

Glenn regularly provides tangible evidence of the importance of having clear goals and a scheduled plan to achieve these. On a number of occasions, this approach has enabled his teams and client partners to re-focus on the task at hand and move forward to a successful conclusion.

Internally and externally, Glenn has been recognised for developing a client-focused shared services operation, providing excellent levels of service to a professional audience demanding the highest of standards." October 10, 2011

Tim Drewitt, E-learning Specialist, Eversheds
worked indirectly for Glenn at Eversheds

"Working with Glenn is always a positive experience. He is professional, committed and consistent in his advice, communications and support. I am always delighted to know that I am going to be working on a project with Glenn as I know it will get delivered on time, with clear outcomes and without fuss or drama!" October 7, 2011

Sadie Baron, Head of Marketing, Eversheds
worked with Glenn at Eversheds

"I have worked with Glenn over the last 2 years and thoroughly enjoyed it. Glenn has really risen to the challenge over the last 18 months and incorporated the Head of International role to his skill set of Shared Services. Glenn has a really good empathic style, and uses this along with his good leadership skills to motivate his team and steer them in the right direction." October 7, 2011

Lorraine Kilborn, Head of Talent, Eversheds
worked directly with Glenn at Eversheds

"I have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Glenn on a number of projects over the past year or so. He has a collaborative style and a good grasp of finance and tax issues from an International HR perspective.." August 1, 2011

James Clifford, Head of Finance - Tax, Eversheds
worked directly with Glenn at Eversheds

"I have always found Glenn to be a supportive manager who is clear in what he requires or people and keen to develop his employees whilst achieving business objectives." July 28, 2011

Paul Bixby, Reward Analyst, Eversheds
reported to Glenn at Eversheds

"I worked with Glenn post the HR transition for one of the UK Clients. Glenn was extremely supportive and always took time out of his busy schedule to discuss various implementation programs. His ability to foresight risks and work on a plan to mitigate them was noteworthy and very effective." September 1, 2011

Anurag Deshmukh, Offshore Governance Lead, Accenture Services Pvt Ltd
worked directly with Glenn at Accenture

"Glenn was always thorough and consistent in his approach, he would work with systems and process to try and meet our expectations and flag up any concerns early so that solutions could be created with the minimum disruption. He worked well with both core staff and other contracted service providers and always took the time to ensure the brief was well understood before taking action. Incredibly knowledgeable in his subject area and willing to share advice. I recommend him highly." August 3, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Anne Mulliner
hired Glenn as a Business Consultant in 2008

"Glenn inherited a complex UK payroll during a challenging time; in addition Glenn at very short notice was able to support me in a new bid situation and somehow managed to continue doing the day job." July 29, 2011

Garren Edwards, HR Solution Architect, Accenture
worked directly with Glenn at Accenture

"I worked with Glenn at Accenture, initially when he was headed up HR Services on the Carillion account and then when he became the Client Service Delivery Lead. My role was leading various Oracle HRMS-related implementations on the account, and as a result I had a dotted report line into Glenn. You could say Glenn's project role in this respect was as executive project sponsor, from an Accenture HR Services perspective.

Glenn was very supportive of my efforts there, and we built up a productive working relationship, with Glenn keeping his team's best interests at the forefront, managing his resources effectively to contribute to the projects I was leading (in terms of providing Subject Matter Experts with regards to HR and Payroll Operations and testers for Conference Room Pilot testing and User Acceptance Testing).

Glenn has the advantage that he has experience of working at the detail on HR and Payroll Operations coupled with a natural aptitude to grasp the big picture quickly. With this combination, I found that Glenn could dip into / question the detail if required, whilst managing the expectations of C-level execs at both Carillion and Accenture.

Added to that, Glenn's personable demeanour, made it very easy to approach him, when the project ran into obstacles or experienced issues with timeframe, requirements, resource conflicts, etc." July 29, 2011

Danny Benyammine, Oracle HRMS / Payroll Consultant, Accenture
worked indirectly for Glenn at Accenture

"When working with Glenn, I found his "stand out" skills to be those related to people and direction setting. Glenn is the sort of person who knows the journey he wants to take and ensures that his team are supported in a manner that makes them want to join him on that journey. He is not afraid to swim against the tide if he believes it is right for his people and his company. Challenging received wisdom is something that he embraces in a positive, considered and constructive manner making him someone I would wish to work with again." July 29, 2011

David (Dave) Glew, Service Management Lead, Accenture
worked with Glenn at Accenture

"I worked with Glenn at Accenture and more recently with Eversheds. Both positions required high standards of service delivery whilst working in complex changing environments.

I found Glenn to be a technical specialist in his field and an excellent people manager. We worked closely on the restructure of the payroll function whilst at Accenture. Glenn restructured the function whilst maintaining the engagement of his staff throughout the process, no easy feat.

I found Glenn to be very approachable and always had time for you if you had a query or required support with a project or work. I would have no hesitation if recommending Glenn as I know him to be someone who always delivers to a highest standard." July 29, 2011

Nick Paterson, Unit HR lead, Accenture
worked indirectly for Glenn at Accenture