Payroll – payroll design, best practice, system integrations, training and payroll audit.

Payroll is one area which you cannot get wrong.  Today there are many payroll departments who are running payrolls which may or may not be compliant, badly designed, not fully using all of the system ability and potentially overstaffed.  As systems have become more and more complex, so any new systems have been implemented with the bare minimum of the functionality being switched on.  Therefore, is it time that you had someone impartial to come in and validate your payroll systems and team before your local government audit comes in. 

From a UK perspective with Real Time Information now being implemented into companies the timing of Global Payments to Assignees is more important now than ever.  How sure are you that your systems, policies and teams are ready for the changes?

GGJ Global Consulting Limited (GGJCL) has a wealth of Payroll knowledge to its fingertips.  Glenn has over 28 years worth of Payroll experience, is a Graduate and Fellow member of the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals and also holds an MSc in Payroll and Business Management. 

GGJCL can help with auditing your current Payroll set-up and provide a diagnostic report on the payroll function.  The report will recommend areas of improvement and also highlight specific risks associated with the company payroll.

The above items are just some of the areas where GGJCL can help; therefore, contact GGJCL today to see what we can do for you.