Global people development

Global people development – leadership, talent and succession planning. In addition, reward, recognition and benefits.

As more and more companies look to take advantage of the global business world, the primary mechanism which people fall back to time and time again is people development.  Most surveys which tend to run these days highlight that learning and development and reward are always areas which need further work.  Furthermore, how are your companies reward, recognition and benefits structure working outside of the home country?  In addition, global companies are concerned as to how their culture and brand will translate in other countries.  Lastly, following on from this who will be the next leader and how will you know if they are ready or not?

GGJ Global Consulting Limited (GGJCL) will look at your current performance and development processes, procedures and systems to identify where the gaps are.  Furthermore, GGJCL will look at how your company captures it and what learning and development is evident to support your company’s people development strategy. 

GGJCL will analyse your current reward proposition to see if it is fit for purpose and recommend changes where appropriate.  In addition, GGJCL will assist you with the procurement of additional benefits.

GGJCL can also look at your current vision and values and report back on how this is being perceived in other countries together with recommendations on how they could be improved or understood.

GGJCL will also look at your company’s succession strategy and work with you to enhance it so that it becomes a living process rather than just a paper exercise.

The above items are just some of the areas where GGJCL can help; therefore, contact GGJCL today to see what we can do for you.