Personnel to Human Resources to ?????

Does anyone remember when and why Personnel rebranded itself to Human Resources (HR)? I can vaguely remember when this happened (although you could argue this debate is still waging on today) circa the 1980's but for the life of me I can remember why.

Here's an article that was written back in 2007 which I surfaced during a quick search:

I so love the following quote in the article as this is exactly why I am writing this piece today:

Sue Sturman, HR manager, Woodberry Bros & Haines

“I believe the name of the department is totally irrelevant. It is how HR people deal with the employees that counts, not what you are called.”

Sue is absolutely right.

However, nearly 11 years after this article was written the debate continues on. As a function HR/Personnel/People whatever you want to be called needs to drop this obsessive compulsion of trying to find its identity; it should already been known and shouldn't be dictated by a title. You don't see the CIPD changing to CIHR and you don't see IT, Accounts or Marketing continually looking into what they are called because they know their role. Therefore, it's time to stop this madness and concentrate on what's actually required for the 21st Century and that must be a focus on people, business and fit for purpose technology, processes, procedures and boosting employee confidence.

Over the course of the next few weeks I will be bringing out my 5R HR Model which will serve to give HR teams around the world the focus and its HRNorthStar!

In the meantime, let's move forward and stop looking back as HR deserves to be a function that truly does and will continue to add value.

My book "Human Resources Changes the World - How and Why HR and HR Directors Should Step-up as Leaders in the 21st Century"